Benefits of becoming a scorer

The key to scoring is to start slowly and build your skills as your understanding of the game grows. Your advancement can be as directed as you like, whether you prefer just scoring for your local team or whether you wish to pursue scoring at a state level or even international level.

You can score on paper, with technology or a combination of both. All that is needed to get started is an interest in softball and a desire to learn more. Scoring alongside other scorers also provides an opportunity to expand your knowledge and discuss interesting plays you have seen. Regardless of the level that you score at, there are resources to assist you as well as an extensive National Scoring accreditation program. 

Visit our Resources page where you’ll find score sheets, scoring manuals and more to help you with your scoring career. 



Softball Australia’s accreditation program enhances the skills of scorers and ensures Australia continues to lead the world in softball scoring initiatives. The accreditation program, from Level 1 to Level 4, teaches all the components of scoring in an effort to provide a pathway for the advancement of Australian softball scorers.


There are many benefits to becoming an accredited scorer including:

  • gives credibility to the role of scoring, providing a defined pathway for skill improvement with paper and/or technology
  • offers an opportunity to become registered and accredited under the Softball Australia Scoring Accreditation Scheme (SASAS)
  • presents opportunities for tournament selection and travel at state, national and international levels
  • provides a sense of personal accomplishment and friendship with other scorers.

Online Clinics

Interested in doing an online scoring clinic and gaining accreditation for that level? Please check the Events Hub for the next available course, if no courses are listed please fill in our Expression Of Interest form and we will let you know when the next clinic will be on.

Softball Australia Scoring Accreditation Scheme (SASAS)

Accreditation information and resources under SASAS is sequential. More information about each level can be found on the Softball Australia website or by using the links below:


Re-accreditation is required every four years. It MUST be completed within 12 months of the expiry data or you will be required to re-sit the level or previous levels you had achieved, depending on the time frame.

Re-accreditation resources:

To find out more about scoring accreditation or re-accreditation, please contact your State Director: