Get Active Kids Voucher


Registering as a Get Active Kids Activity Provider is a fantastic way for Softball Clubs to make participation in our sport easier for kids who might not otherwise be able to play because their family is experiencing financial difficulty.  The following information is aimed at making the process easy for everyone involved. If you or any of your families would like assistance after reading through this, please contact your Participation Coordinator.  



  1. Families must meet the eligibility criteria and apply for a voucher
  2. Clubs must meet the eligibility criteria and register to be a provider
  3. Associations add the Victorian Active Kids Voucher Payment Class in RevSport
  4. Clubs add the Victorian Active Kids Voucher Payment Class in RevSport
  5. Before sending the Active Kids Voucher registration link to a family, make sure they are eligible and ask them for a Voucher code (which they will need to enter when completing their registration through RevSport.
  6. This option won’t be visible to the public so you’ll need to get the registration link by going in to ‘edit’ the payment class and click ‘registration link’ in the top right corner and send it directly to the family
  7. Create an Xcel spreadsheet to record the codes to make it easier when requesting reimbursement from Service Victoria (especially if you have multiple vouchers to claim)
  8. Clubs go to your Service Victoria account and request to be reimbursed for the registration fees using the Voucher Code supplied by the family. If you have multiple this can be uploaded as a .csv file. Payment from Service Victoria will be processed within 30 days
  9. Everyone will be invoiced manually for the portions of the fees that sit above them  
  • Association will invoice the Club
  • Softball Vic will invoice the Association
  • Softball Australia will invoice Softball Vic



Who can apply?

To apply for a Get Active Kids voucher, each child must:

  • be 18 years or under

  • be living in Victoria

They must also be:

  • named on an Australian Health Care Card, or

  • named on an Australian Pensioner Concession Card, or

  • residing in Victorian Care Services, or

  • the child of a parent or guardian who holds a temporary or provisional visa or have their own, or

  • the child of a parent or guardian who holds an international student visa or have their own, or

  • an undocumented migrant

How many vouchers can be applied for?

Eligible applicants can apply for either:

  • 1 Get Active Kids voucher per child, per round, or
  • 1 Get Active Kids reimbursement per child, per round.

If a family has more than one eligible child, they can apply for vouchers for each of them.


  1. Complete an eligibility check
  2. Provide your contact details
  3. Provide your child’s Medicare Card details (if applicable)
  4. Choose the sport or activity your child wants to participate in
  5. Submit your application
  6. Receive your child’s voucher by email
  7. Use the voucher at their chosen sport or activity provider for a discount of up to $200

Families apply for the Get Active Kids Voucher at:





Who can apply to become a registered Activity Provider?

To be eligible under the Program, an Activity Provider (club, association, or organisation) must meet all criteria below:

  1. Be an incorporated entity registered with the appropriate regulator
  2. Possess an active Australian Business Number (ABN)
  3. Be affiliated Softball Victoria

Conditions of Registration

The following conditions will apply to organisations at the time of registration and will apply to organisations that are successful in registration for the duration of the Program:

  • Agree and continue to meet all eligibility conditions upon successful registration application
  • Maintain suitable public liability insurance throughout the duration of program. A copy of the certificate of insurance must be attached with the application
  • Implement and maintain policies relating to child safe standards including obligations under the Working with Children requirements
  • Adhere to and enforce the Fair Play Code or the relevant SSA code of conduct and/or member protection policy which incorporates the Fair Play Code

Ineligible activities

The following activities are not eligible as part of the Get Active Kids Voucher Program:

  • Single session activities
  • Travel costs (unless these costs are incorporated in the registration fees for a structured camp program
  • Equipment ordinarily provided at no cost by the club/provider on registration for competition e.g. clubs cannot charge for items that you would usually provide for free
  • One-off ‘Come and Try’ days, fun runs and mass participation events
  • Uniforms and clothing that are not incorporated into a membership or registration fee for a sport or active recreation activity

What costs are covered by the vouchers?

  • Vouchers up to the value of $200 can be used for costs associated with membership, registration, or participation fees of eligible children at a registered Get Active Kids Activity Provider.
  • Uniform and equipment items that are incorporated within the membership and registration fees can be claimed (for example, safety equipment, mouthguards).

Voucher value

  • Each voucher is valued at up to $200 per eligible child. For each voucher code presented to a Get Active Kids Activity Provider, the provider will reduce the participant’s membership, registration fee or participation fee by up to $200 at the time of registration
  • Each voucher code is valued at up to $200 inclusive of any GST included in the payment
  • Activity providers (whether GST registered or not) can only be reimbursed for the market rate of the activity provided up to the voucher value
  • Examples: If the full membership fee is less than $200, the voucher can only be used for this amount. For example, if membership costs $80 the voucher will cover the whole amount. The remaining value of the voucher will not be claimed by the Activity Provider or the participant and cannot be used at another Activity Provider
  • If the membership fee is more than $200, the participant will need to pay the rest. For example, if the full membership costs $250, the voucher will cover $200, and the participant will pay $50

Voucher availability

Participants can apply for one voucher per eligible child between the period Wednesday 21 September 2022 to Wednesday 30 November 2022. Vouchers are subject to availability and can only be presented to a registered Get Active Kids Activity Provider.



Create the Payment Class in your RevSport portal

In EACH relevant portal (i.e. state, association and club) visit Finance > Payment Classes;

  1. Create and set the price to "$0" for "Funded Sports Voucher"
  2. If the voucher amount is less than the total of national, state, association, and club, set up the Club amount to charge for the "difference" which is paid on-line at registration and received by the club.
  3. Un-tick “display at registration”. This will prevent anyone from viewing this Payment Class on the public website and will ensure you can control who registers into this Payment Class;
    1. Hide this from the public website, so members can't access it unless they first confirm their eligibility for the voucher from the funding body.
    2. Once a player is confirmed for a voucher the registration link can be sent so they can register for the "Funded Sports Voucher" member class.

To send the link:

  1. edit the Funded Sports Voucher Payment Class;

  2. select “registration link” on the right-hand side under “Options.

  3. copy the URL "registration link"

  4. email the registration link to the member to register


Members > Reporting > filter by Payment Class “Funded Sports Voucher” Invoicing for the "Funded Sports Voucher" Member Class

  • Reporting in the revSPORT system will be conducted regularly where numbers will be confirmed, then invoices raised in the system
  • Clubs will be invoiced the relevant capitation fees per member by their associations.
  • The fee invoiced will be the same as a Junior Player fee for all combined levels of National, State and Association
  • Associations will be invoiced by their state for the total of the state and national fee combined for each Funded Sports Voucher
  • States will be invoiced by the national body for the national capitation amount per Funded Sports Voucher
  • As the club receives the funding amount, they will keep any money left after paying capitation fees to the association


NOTE: There are a few important points to remember when setting up your payment class:

  1. Whatever is offered to families using the voucher, must be available to ALL families registering, not just a special registration offers for Active Kids Voucher users
  2. Whatever you would like to be included in the Voucher (in accordance with the terms and conditions), must be included in your Registration as families can only claim this once, for one registration and one transaction

Example of what the fees would look like when creating the payment class:




Softball Australia Capitation Fee


Softball Victoria Fee


Association Fee


Club Fee


Uniform Hire for season


Participant Pack (glove and ball)



If your fees come to a total ABOVE $200, deduct the $200 when creating the payment class, so the amount you would enter for this is $3.81




Softball Australia Capitation Fee


Softball Victoria Fee


Association Fee


Club Fee


Uniform Hire for season



If your total fees come in UNDER $200, enter $0.00 when creating the payment class

Please make sure families are aware that if they sign up and decide not to return, there is no refund once registered.



Getting the funds reimbursed from the Victorian Government

Receiving a voucher code from a participant

  • Participants can only present their voucher code to the registered Get Active Kids Activity Provider they nominated when applying for a voucher
  • Each voucher has an alphanumeric code specific to the approved participant’s Get Active Kids voucher application, which is linked to the specific Activity Provider
  • The voucher code represents payment, or part thereof, of registration/membership fees only
  • Activity Providers can only receive a voucher directly from a participant
  • The department cannot provide voucher codes or other participant details to an Activity Provider
  • The voucher must be presented to the Activity Provider at the point of registration by 10 January 2023 after which time the voucher code will expire
  • The Activity Provider must also redeem the voucher by 10 January 2023 after which time the voucher code will expire
  • In no circumstances can the club provide a monetary refund of a voucher to the child, parent, or guardian
  • Funds can only be exchanged between the department and a club
  • No retrospective fees will be paid. Activity Providers should consider developing a policy on how they manage non-payment of fees or non-presentation of voucher codes

Redemption of vouchers

  • The Activity Provider is responsible for redeeming the voucher as soon as possible after it has been presented to receive payment
  • To redeem vouchers received from participants, the Activity Provider will submit a redemption request through the Activity Provider Redemption Portal
  • At the time of redemption, Activity Providers can ensure the voucher codes are valid by entering each code into the portal
  • The voucher codes will expire six weeks after the end of the round for redemption. Vouchers must be redeemed between the period Wednesday 21 September 2022 to Tuesday 10 January 2023
  • Activity Providers cannot be reimbursed for vouchers outside the redemption period
  • Payments to Activity Providers will occur within 30 days of vouchers being approved for payment
  • There is no limit on the number of vouchers Activity Providers can redeem at one time
  • A voucher can only be redeemed once and must be redeemed in one transaction

Voucher Validation

  • You can check the validity of the voucher code that has been provided to you by a participant at any time, via the Activity Provider porta
  • This can be at the time the participant presents the voucher code to your organisation when registering (recommended) or at the time of redemption

Voucher Redemption

Use these guidelines to confirm that:

  • You are redeeming only the valid vouchers within the specified redemption period
  • You are aware of the voucher expiry dates
  • To redeem vouchers that you have received from participants visit the Get Active Victoria website and follow the links to the Activity Provider Portal

You should:

  • Complete all information and questions in the online redemption form
  • Make sure you have the voucher codes

Information that will be required for redeeming vouchers:

For each voucher you are redeeming, you will need:

  • Voucher code
  • Amount redeemed (up to $200)
  • The activity the voucher was used for (for example: Under 10 netball registration fees and cost)
  • The name of the participant (optional) If you have received multiple voucher codes, you can upload the voucher codes, amount redeemed and activity via a CSV file

There is no limit to the number of vouchers Activity Providers can redeem at one time.

A voucher can be redeemed only once and must be redeemed in one transaction.

You will need to attest:

  • You are authorised to apply on behalf of the Activity Provider
  • The information provided is true and correct

You will receive:

  • An email confirming that you have successfully redeemed a voucher(s) and payment is approved
  • A remittance advice when the payment is made
  • Payment will be made into your nominated organisational bank account

All registered Get Active Kids Activity Providers are responsible for the following:

  • Creation of an online account via Service Victoria
  • Keeping contact details up to date at all times
  • Assurance that goods and services offered are considered value for money and that costings are competitive
  • Assurance that no differential pricing in membership exists between children approved for Get Active Kids and other participants
  • Collecting voucher codes at point of registration from participants
  • Parents/Guardians with a voucher code should not be expected to prepay their registration fee
  • Validation of the voucher code prior to providing the service and redeeming the voucher codes
  • Notification to the Department if the club no longer meets the eligibility criteria or wishes to stop being part of the Program
  • Adherence to all the requirements, attestation and terms and conditions agreed at the time of registration throughout the term of Program


If you require any assistance with setting this up, please contact: